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Our Story

My name is Edgar, I'm first and foremost dad of 3 wonderful kids.

I live in a beautiful small Latvian town Cesis, in Gaujas National Park along the valley of the Gauja River,with my lovely wife and our three children.

In my working process my kids are my testers, my judges and my biggest inspiration!

And Yes, as a real man I do change diapers

My wife is the soul of communication, the beautiful side of our company and family. She is maintaining the fast response to all your questions so that everyone can find best baby products from our store. She is always open for conversations and I know that every single piece in our store has its own character and soul, just like you, so it is very important for everyone to find their perfect product.


Happy Natural Kids is created from the need for high-quality cloth diapers with good natural materials. My wife couldn’t find cloth diapers that met our requirements and we had to create our own cloth diapers and baby accessories. 

This is where she got the idea to make her own diaper, which had everything  she was looking for – the best of other brands made into a single diaper. Lots of absorbency, good fit, natural, oganic materials against the skin, beautiful prints – a diaper that is just perfect in every way.

So in the last year many sleepless nights  have gone with designing and fantasizing in materials, colors, fit and everything that provides only the best products. The ideas have been brought to life by my wifes beloved sewing machines at home and later tested and re-tested – on my youngest son. 

One evening I wondered if my wife once invested a lot of time and work to create something so special — why not share it with others?


We have three young children, so most of the day is spent caring for them. We trust the sewing work to two very nice ladies who have more than 20 years of experience in sewing.

Sustainable and Fair trade wages are paid to all working women. They can work either from our workshop or from their homes choosing how many hours they work and when. 


All production  are carried out according to the highest environmental and social standards.

We love fabrics that not only look great, but are also socially and environmentally sustainable.

The diaper comes with two inserts – a long insert and a smaller booster. Both inserts are made of three layers of  organic cotton (GOTS certified by CERES-076).

The waterproof part of the diaper is made of the material PUL.It's Breathable Waterproof fabric.(OEKO-TEX® textiles tested for harmful substances.)

The inside of the diaper shell has a layer of cotton terry which gives the diaper an extra layer of absorbency and at the same time it is soft and gentle against your child’s skin.(GOTS)

Depending on the design, the top layer is made of 100% Linen, 100% Cotton (.(OEKO-TEX® or GOTS certified)

We are in love with fabrics! That's why four times a year you will discover a new collection that features classic fabrics as well as daring textures and colours. Sustainability meets trends - that's our credo and that's why we are sure that we have the right fabrics for you.


Most of the pictures you see of our products are taken by either me, Edgar, or my wife- Sniedze,in our homes or in nature, which is very close to us.

We are convinced that every little action counts to reduce waste and that each of us can be the beginning of a positive change.

We offer to enjoy great variety of handmade crafts  and other sustainable sources based lifestyle products suggesting affordable and green solutions delivered at your door!

Now I am a full time Dad and Happy Natural Kids gives me the opportunity my spare moments devote to my passion!

Everything in my shop is hand made in smoke free studio.

I love what I do!

Thanks for shopping with us!